Anti-Tax Protest A Defining Moment In Kenyan Politics, MP Says

Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji has termed anti-tax protests spearheaded by the Gen Z as a turning point in Kenyan politics heralding a new era of collective political and social accountability in governance.

He said the push by the youth for change was a sign of a deep-seated disconnect between the government and the citizenry, especially the young people in national affairs.

The MP said it will no longer be business as usual in the manner in which the country is run as the young generation demand for integration in governance and decision-making processes.

He said gone were the days when elected leaders used to make decisions on behalf of the people they represent without consulting them.

‘On matters of finance bill and budget, the people reign supreme and leaders ought to consult them first before making any decision,’ he said.

Speaking on Wednesday when he joined Lions School in Embu fraternity in celebrating Chess player Blair Nthiga Wema who excelled in the recently concluded Continental Youth Chess Ch
ampionship in South Africa, the MP said the country will only be changed through consultation and engagement.

The UDA legislator who voted against the Finance Bill challenged fellow legislators to be ‘servants’ and not ‘bosses’ of the people who have put them in office.

‘In leadership, I have learned that for you to rise you must be close to the people and respect their voice,’ he said.

This, he said, is what will make them own and feel part and parcel of projects being undertaken.

He also urged the Government to ensure it sees this as a golden opportunity to walk with the population while they are undertaking development.

‘I appeal to the Government not to victimize the Gen Zs who participated in the protests, but seize the opportunity to nurture inclusive leadership,’ the MP said.

Source: Kenya News Agency