Cameroon Secures 17th place at the All African games

By Biwah Bryan

Team Cameroon fell short of their objective set by the Cameroon Olympic and Sports Committee to be placed within the top 10 countries at the 13th All African Games in Accra, Ghana.

They finished 17th out of 24 participating countries securing 30 medals in total including 3 golds, 13 silvers, and 14 bronze, across the 8 disciplines they participated in.

The 3 gold medals were achieved in weightlifting and athleticism, with Ngadja Nyabeyeu and Junior Periclex finishing with 2 golds in weight lifting while Emmanuel Esseme won a gold medal in athleticism

Cameroon’s participation involved 8 disciplines, including Judo, Weightlifting, Athleticism, Handball, Volleyball, Boxing, Karate, and Wrestling out of the 12 they qualified for, while leaving behind Football, Rugby, and other disciplines.

Compared to the 2019 edition, Cameroon’s ranking has decreased. They finished 11th in Morocco five years ago, securing 5 gold medals, 14 silvers, and 9 bronze, with a total of 28 medals.

The current edition
is championed by Egypt who braced 187 medals including 99 golds, 46 silvers and 42 Bronze.

Source: Cameroon News Agency