Covid-18: Russia lifts travel ban on Kenya

NAIROBI, — The Russian government announced that it has lifted a ban previously imposed on travel from Nairobi to Moscow.

After close two years of embargo, the Russian Embassy in Nairobi disclosed that Kenyans are finally free to enter Russian soil in light of the improving Covid-19 situation. Just like the majority of countries, the United Russia Party-led administration had stopped the entry of foreigners due to the outbreak of the deadly virus.

“Dear Kenyans! According to the Decree ?440-R of the Russian Government, previously imposed restrictions (including those related to Kenyan students studying in Russia on entry to Russia), have been removed,” the embassy announced in a statement.

According to the embassy, Kenyans are at liberty to apply and get their visas from the mission offices.

And that’s not all. The Embassy says vaccination is not a must for those who wish to travel to Russia. It says all one needs is to do a Polymerase Chain Reaction test popular as (PCR), to ascertain Covid-19 status, before travel.

In the meantime, the Decree issued by the Russian Government that enlists the categories of foreigners who are allowed to travel to Russia is still in force.

“Those categories include diplomatic and service passport holders, students and cadets, foreign relatives of Russian citizens, participants of sports and business events,” the embassy explained.