CPLP recommends mobility of cultural assets

The Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) has recommended increase in political dialogue, in partnership with finance officials.

The decision is expressed in a statement released at the end of the 2nd Extraordinary Meeting of the CPLP ministers of Culture held Friday in Luanda.

The document states that the common measures will ensure the import and export of cultural goods in the space.

The participants praised the financial contribution of Angola, Brazil and Portugal to the third edition of the CPLP Audiovisual programme, which is in the process of completion of preparatory works and expected to be released in 2023.

They also encouraged the collaboration among the national structures of the member States, aiming to assure the good implementation of the 2022-2024 Plan of Action and the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan for Multilateral Cultural Cooperation.

The ministers decided to create the conditions for the participation of the CPLP, as a guest of honour, in the Gothenburg Book Fair 2025.

The event that will take place in Sweden aims to provide exchange of knowledge between cultural agents, authors, composers, writers, researchers, managers and civil society worldwide.

The CPLP minister were also pleased with the various initiatives carried out, aligned with the political agenda of the institution, for the promotion of the Portuguese language and the cultural diversity of the Member States, as well as the implementation, by 2024, of the activities of the Action Plan, with stress to the Forum on Public Cultural Policies for sustainable development.

They also praised the holding of the CPLP International Conference on Historical Archives, as well as the annual meeting of Specialised Entities and those in charge of the protection of copyright and related rights.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)