Health: Minister warns public against spread of conjunctivitis

By Nambu Bernadette The The Minister of Public Health, Manaouda Malachie has called on the Cameroonian public to take preventive measures against conjunctivitis as the disease is currently spreading rapidly.

In a press release dated October 30, the minister called on the public “to go to the nearest health facility in case of symptoms and to respect preventive measures against diseases transmitted by lacrimal or respiratory secretions”.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis include fever and a runny nose. The disease causes the whites of the eyes to be reddish and have a yellowish discharge. It is a benign disease and epidemics usually result from highly contagious viruses.

According to the minister, the situation has the potential of spreading in the community in schools and workplaces throughout Cameroon.

Minister Malachie also added that other measures that can reduce the spread of the disease include “washing hands regularly with clean water and soap or using a hydro-alcoholic solution. Avoiding rubbing of eyes in case of symptoms. Limiting close contact with people suffering from conjunctivitis without protection, using of single-use towels or tissues.”. His release also stated that “expulsion from schools and workplaces is recommended for people with conjunctivitis”.

Source: Cameroon News Agency