Nakuru To Hold A Basketball Tournament

The Nakuru County Government in partnership with Daraja 360 and Afro Hoops Premier League, is set to hold a Basketball Tournament on August 10th and 11th this year.

The Afro Hoops Premier League aims to promote sports and healthy living, youth development, community engagement, and foster economic impact in the community through skills improvement.

The County Chief Officer for Youth, Sports and Talents Alex Maina, engaged with representatives from the organizations led by Mrs. Regina Kamoche and Mrs. Dorothy Otieno at the Nakuru County Empowerment Center in Bondeni estate on Monday morning to discuss the forthcoming tournament.

Mrs. Kamoche said by investing in Afro Hoops, the County will harness the power of basketball to drive social change, foster economic growth, and provide meaningful opportunities for its youth.

Emphasizing the importance of sports, she said it teaches key life skills such as teamwork, discipline and perseverance, and it reduces the likelihood of youth involvement in crime including
curbing drug abuse.

She said popular local players can serve as role models, inspiring the next generation, and create jobs related to coaching, sports management, and facility maintenance.

Furthermore, she noted that hosting basketball tournaments can attract visitors, boost local tourism and put the County on the world map to attract more investments and development opportunities.

Maina commended the initiative for its focus on empowering youth and the community through competitive sports. He assured the team of the department’s full support to ensure the tournament’s success.

Source: Kenya News Agency