Otjinene remembers Geingob

OTJINENE: Otjinene on Thursday joined the rest of the country and to pay tribute to the late President Hage Geingob through a candlelight vigil.

During the event, many described the late Geingob as a leader who championed inclusivity and fought for the socio-economic progress for all Namibians during his tenure as Head of State.

Otjinene constituency councillor, Erwin Katjizeu, described the late president as somebody who remained steadfast in his commitment to the well-being of all Namibians.

Katjizeu said the president’s wisdom, compassion and ability to unite his people in times of crisis defined his leadership.

‘Let us honour the memory of President Hage Geingob by upholding the values he cherished: unity, compassion, and the tireless pursuit of a better future for all. His legacy serves as a guiding light for our nation, inspiring us to strive for the ideals he so passionately believed in,’ Katjizeu said.

His commitment to social justice and economic development has empowered our nation and set a st
andard for governance. In times of adversity, he displayed unwavering strength, inspiring us to rise above challenges and strive for a better tomorrow, the councillor highlighted.

Lesley Kauandara, the Chairperson of the Otjinene village Council, in his tribute, described Geingob as a leader who embraced unity of purpose and a politically mature leader, whose aim was to build a Namibian house for all his countrymen.

‘One lesson I learned from our late president was to maintain a politically mature relationship with opposition parties. Geingob appointed our Nudo president, Esther Muinjangue, to the position of deputy minister based on merit. That represented his level of political maturity,’ Kauandara said.

Furthermore, the chairperson remembers Geingob as a visionary leader who anticipated prosperity for the Namibian nation, a leader who brought national trust in young people by appointing them to ministerial positions and as governors during his time.

‘It was not an easy journey for our president at all,
but I know for sure that Geingob was a true Namibian soldier who died wearing his boots,’ he noted.

Source: Namibia Press Agency