Panic in Y’de as UK judge to reveal names in Glenore gate

Barrister Akere Tabeng Muna, a member of the African Union High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa, chaired by H.E. Thabo Mbeki, and Co-Chair of the Common African Position on Asset Recovery (CAPAR), revealed that UK Judges may soon reveal names of those implicated in collecting bribes from Swiss company, Glencore to offer contracts in Cameroon.

The potential corruption case involved officials from Cameroon oil refinery and petroleum depot (SONARA and SNH) and a Swiss multinational company (Glencore).

‘This month, the UK Attorney General will decide whether to prosecute individuals in a major corruption scandal involving high-ranking officials from SONARA and SNH and Glencore. The names of those involved will soon be revealed.’ Barrister Muna said on his official Facebook page.

Decision on Prosecution: The UK Attorney General will decide this month whether to pursue legal action against individuals involved in a major corruption scandal.

Parties Involved: The allegations involve high-ranki
ng officials from Cameroon’s national oil refinery company (SONARA) and national oil and gas company (SNH), along with Glencore, a Swiss commodity trading firm.

Disclosure of Names: The names of the individuals implicated in the scandal are expected to be revealed soon.

Depending on the outcome, this case could have significant repercussions for the individuals involved, the companies, and Cameroon’s oil and gas sector, including top government officials, CNA learned.

Source: Cameroon News Agency