PM Abiy Highlights Significance of Peace, Unity to Expedite Development

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed highlighted the significance of peace and unity to expedite the development of Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has visited development projects in and around the city of Dessie and met with the residents today.

On the occasion, Abiy described the people of Wollo as a peace loving and very friendly. The premier said many impressive works being carried out everywhere in the city.

He underlined Ethiopia’s pressing need for development while pointing out that despite their poorness; Ethiopians are acknowledged for having successfully resisted colonization in Africa.

The premier urged this generation to repeat the valiant acts of its forefathers to safeguard the sovereignty of their country by defeating poverty, underscoring the need for peace and collaboration among all to realizing this noble national cause.

Prime Minister Abiy urged all to express readiness to work together with the spirit of collaboration, forgiveness and trust to build the nation.

The governmen
t is working with high diligent, honesty and faithfulness to discharge its responsibilities bestowed on it by the people of Ethiopia, he pointed out. These efforts have been registering notable national accomplishments, he added.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency