Samuel Eto’o’s ‘endless’ battles at CAF

Much of Samuel Eto’o’s energy and time towards the end of his four-year mandate as FECAFOOT president, is being spent on disputes against Cameroon football officials who have vowed not to give up on having him expulsed from FECAFOOT over allegations of corruption and mismanagement.

In his recent case at CAF, the Cameroonian was found guilty of violating the principles of ethic, integrity and sportsmanship, as provided in article 2 paragraph 3 of the CAF statutes. He got fined 200,000 USD for signing a deal as brand ambassador with the betting organization, 1XBET.

He faced the CAF Disciplinary Council on June 25, to defend himself following multiple complaints filed by the Association of Amateur Football Clubs in Cameroon (ACFAC). The verdict only came out on Thursday, July 4.

Though the FECAFOOT president was fined, he was cleared of wrongdoing in the accusations of match-fixing and manipulation. The Confederation of African Football said there was insufficient proof to find Samuel Eto’o and Victoria Unite
d president Valentine Nkwain guilty of match manipulation. A leaked voice conversation of the two, suggested an attempt to rig matches in favour of Elite One side Victoria United.

In all of the accusations and sanctions brought up against Eto’o, he has reiterated his innocence. His lawyers have said the 200,000 USD fine pronounced by CAF does not respect the CAF disciplinary code, saying they will appeal the verdict.

While the case on match-fixing and 1XBET deal is still to be settled, the ACFAC has filed another accusation against Eto’o, saying he is not Cameroonian, with the dual nationality he took when he naturalized in Spain at the time he was playing there. They have said Eto’o should be stripped of his function as FECAFOOT president because he is not eligible to occupy the post.

Eto’o was elected president of the Cameroon Football Federation in December 2021, after edging close rival Seidou Mbombo Njoya. His mandate gradually became fraught with much disagreement among collaborators, leading to seve
ral resignations and suspensions considered to have been arbitrary.

The FECAFOOT president’s chances of having another mandate are becoming slimmer. Observers wait to see how he resolves the issues at CAF and those with the sports ministry in Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency