Unavoidable voice note, Eto’o fires back to Njalla Quan

During his press conference held in the sea side resort in Limbe, South West region, the former 4th national vice president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Henry Njalla Quan Jr, played a voice note with the voice of national president, Samuel Eto’o, heard, saying that he, Njalla should sometimes exercise dictatorship to rule.

But Eto’o sent a cryptic message on his Instagram account saying that the concerned individual was on his knees at the time begging to save his career.

“As for lying, let’s not forget you were on your knees and the only thing you worried about was your career while we strive to succeed for 28 million Cameroonians. Instruction doesn’t mean there’s no fault.Bla bla bla.” Eto’o wrote.

Samuel Eto’o also said that those talking about management issues are lies tellers and blackmalilers.

“What football are we talking about? What management are we talking about? What lie are we telling? Football will never be the same again. Blackmail and others have no place anymore.”

Source: Cameroon News Agency