Candidate In Laikipia Defies All Odds To Post Stellar Results In 2023 KCPE

A candidate in the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in Laikipia County defied all odds to achieve stellar performance despite encountering a myriad of challenges. Braton Murimi who was the best candidate at the Nanyuki primary school scored 402 marks amid challenges at her rural home in Mathagiro village, Umande ward in Laikipia East Sub-county which included long distance to school, financial constraints, lack of food, and caring for his sickly brother. When the media caught up with the 14-year-old boy at their home after attending a ceremony organized for boys by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) in Nanyuki town on Friday aimed at ensuring they transitioned from childhood to adulthood, Braton attributed his success to sheer hard work and unwavering determination. 'I managed to score 402 marks in the national exam, and it was not an easy task but God's grace considering the challenges I have faced including taking care of my sick brother. Sometimes I could vigil the whole ni ght trying to find ways on how to help him,' said Murimi. Braton, the second born in the family, said that his mother took care of their eldest son who was 28 years old and bedridden a full-time job hence robbing them of a chance to make ends meet. 'I walked for over 20 kilometers to school and every time I always thought about my brother, especially during my education journey. Sometimes I could even miss lessons due to stress for not being sure how to help my sick brother,' he revealed. The candidate, whose hope is to join Starehe Boys Center and later become a surgeon, appealed to well-wishers to ensure he doesn't miss out on joining secondary school due to the sorry state of his family. He revealed that most of the days, they depended on support from the community for food aid since they had no sustainable income. He further said that he was optimistic that he would change their family status after completing his studies. Braton's mother Judy Muthoni couldn't hide her joy for her son shining in the 2023 KCPE saying her prayer was that he secures a scholarship and studies without challenges unlike before. 'Bradon has got 402 marks and that is something to thank God for. That has always been my prayer aimed at ensuring he gets sponsors for his education since I don't have the ability. My disabled son is entirely dependent on me,' her sobbing mother said, adding that medication for her son who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy was expensive. Martha Nyambura, a neighbor and family friend said that they were grateful for producing the top candidate in the village. She noted that the candidate was a disciplined pupil to which they attributed his success. Source: Kenya News Agency