Global Weather Hazards Summary November 04 – 10, 2022

Heavy rainfall maintains flooding in parts of West Africa while the Horn of Africa remains dry

1. After several months of poor rainfall abnormal dryness has deteriorated to drought in southern Ethiopia.

2. Heavy rainfall triggers flooding in parts of central and southern Nigeria. The Niger and Benue River levels are high.

3. Heavy seasonal rainfall has caused flooding, in parts of Sudan and border areas with South Sudan. In the past few weeks, fifteen states in Sudan have experienced flooding.

4. Flooding persists in Chad and other parts of the Sahel where water levels have been slow to drain.

Flooding is progressing downstream along the Senegal River.

5. Below-average rainfall over the last three months has caused abnormal dryness in parts of Nigeria and maintained similar conditions in parts of Kenya and Somalia.

6. Continued below-average rainfall strengthens abnormal dryness in Somalia and Kenya

Source: Famine Early Warning System Network