Lamu County Representative Calls for Youth Employment at Lamu Port

Lamu, Kenya – In a recent statement, Lamu County Women Representative Monica Marubu has urged the national government to prioritize the employment of local youth in the Lamu Port, which has recently become fully operational. This call was made during a fundraising event at the Mpeketoni's Deliverance Church, highlighting the urgent need for job opportunities for the youth in the region.

According to Kenya News Agency, the operationalization of the Lamu Port, bustling with maritime activities, presents a critical opportunity for the employment of young people in the area. She emphasized that providing these employment opportunities is crucial not only for the personal development of the youths but also for addressing broader social issues like poverty and unemployment. These challenges, if unaddressed, can lead to more severe problems such as crime and violent extremism.

Marubu highlighted the economic significance of Lamu County in the national context, stating that the Lamu Port is an excellent opportunity for the region to become a major contributor to the national economy. She argued that for the port, which represents a Sh40 billion investment, to be truly successful, it's essential to ensure that the youth are skilled and given opportunities to be part of the port's workforce.

Further emphasizing the importance of this initiative, Marubu urged the national government to prioritize the viability of the Lamu Port, especially in view of the planned port's concession. She believes that this would not only benefit the local community but also attract further investment into the county.

Marubu also called on the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) to actively engage in youth employment by hiring more youths from Lamu. She pointed out that many locals have already acquired skills in port operations, anticipating job opportunities at the Lamu Port. The Representative stressed the importance of investing in a skilled workforce for the success of the Lamu Port and urged the Kenya Ports Authority to recognize the potential within the local youth.

The significance of the Lamu Port has been underscored by its activity since its commissioning in 2021, having received 45 ships to date, which highlights its strategic role in the country's economic development.